Simple, Effective, Refrigerant Tracking and Compliance

Utilizing MSA Bacharach’s award-winning, easy to use, online software: Parasense. With full enterprise refrigerant management to single asset review capability, keeping you compliant every step of the way. Bacharach’s award-winning Parasense Refrigerant Tracking and Compliance software has been helping facilities managers, refrigeration contractors and compliance officers stay compliant and reduce refrigerant emissions for over 30 years. Now, MSA Bacharach is providing the software free of charge for a 90 day trial in a bid to drive down refrigerant emissions even further.

Manage Your Refrigerant Usage, Wherever You Are

With no limits to the number of users, sites or assets, why not register now and start benefiting from Parsense's feature-rich toolset today?


The Power of Refrigerant Usage Tracking in Your Hands

Use the powerful Parasense software to seize control of your refrigerant usage tracking and compliance. With top-down and bottom-up views giving you clarity of all your equipment across all your stores and sites either at micro level or enterprise scale.

Isn’t it time you took hold of your refrigerant tracking and compliance?


Maintain Regulatory Compliance

With national compliance requirements such as EPA 608 for the United States and F-Gas for Europe, and regional compliance such as CARB and to consider, it’s important to use a system that ensures your compliance with the latest in legislation.

The Parasense platform makes refrigerant compliance simple. It blends a rich user tool-set complete with compliance calendar, automated leak rate calculator, intuitive analysis, guided data entry and compliance reporting.


Reduce Refrigerant Emissions

The average refrigerant emission rate for grocery stores alone is estimated to be 25% per year. Best practice implementations can currently achieve emission rates of 7%.

The Parasense refrigerant management tracking and compliance system can help you beat this further. As the cost of refrigerant rises, this has an increasing effect on an organization’s profit. For an organization operating at 1% margin, saving $10,000 in refrigerant re-charge is the equivalent to generating $1,000,000 of revenue.


Enterprise Management

We recognize that achieving compliance and best in class refrigerant leak rates requires close collaboration and team work between equipment owners, internal teams and contracted service providers.

This is why the Parasense platform has been designed to empower your teams to seamlessly work together. With no user limit or cost per user fee, your whole team can access and update your system ensuring you have the most up to date information at your fingertips.

Service and Support

The Parasense software has been built with simplicity and ease of use from the ground up. Not everyone wants to dive in at the deep end though which is why we also provide a wealth of support materials from quickstart guides and in-depth documentation along with some extremely helpful videos to guide you on your way.

If you want even more support, professional services from the Parasense Information Center (PIC) team is always on-hand. The PIC team provides fee-based, value-added services such as pro-active data review and recommendations, periodic report preparation, and contractor coordination for timely completion of inspections, repairs, testing, and record keeping. The combination of the software and the PIC team services provides a complete solution for enterprise-grade refrigerant tracking and compliance.

Start Tracking Refrigerant Usage

To get started on your road to regulatory compliance, we ask that you provide us with your contact information and a few details about your application.

Need more information about refrigerant tracking and compliance?

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