Leak Detection in Occupied Spaces

Protect Guests from Refrigerant Leaks

High-efficiency Variable Refrigerant Volume / Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF / VRV) systems are designed to be leak free, but improper installation, inadvertent damage and mechanical wear can result in potentially harmful refrigerant leaks. Effective refrigerant leak detection helps minimize the risks associated with large leaks associated with these systems in occupied spaces.

Leading the Industry and Ahead of the Codes

Around the world, local codes such as BREEAM, EN 378, ASHRAE 15 and ASHRAE 147 continually evolve to address the safe and environmentally conscious use of refrigerants. The use of the MVR-300 in occupied, conditioned spaces can detect a refrigerant leak well before the Refrigerant Concentration Limit (RCL) with alarm set-points as low as 500 ppm consistent with ASHRAE provisions for fixed refrigerant detectors to enhance safety.

The MVR-300 design builds on the success of the IAM-100 and more than 100 years of industry experience in the design & manufacture of gas detection instruments.

The Complete Solution for Leak Detection in Occupied Spaces

Quick, Easy Installation

Easy Installation with Standard Electrical Boxes

The MVR-300 is designed to fit most standard electrical boxes and can be configured through easily accessible switches or the programmable Modbus® communication interface.
Installation is simple and doesn't require special electrical boxes which may be difficult to source and / or expensive.

MVR-300 Product Features

See why facility managers rely on the MVR-300 to monitor for refrigerant leaks from VRV / VRF systems.

Easy Installation

The MVR-300 fits into standard electrical boxes.

Low Profile / Flush Mount

Aesthetically non-intrusive appearance with low profile.

Modbus Communications

Notify building management & initiate counter measures.

Refrigerant-specific Sensor

Enhances safety and minimizes refrigerant loss.


Easy to maintain, featuring self-diagnostics and simple field calibration

Rapid Response Time

Alert occupants and remotely inform building management of alarm location for rapid response as required. Alarm options including: LED, buzzer, two levels, configurable delay and fail-safe.

Low Cost of Ownership

Reduce cost of ownership with these unique, field-replaceable sensors.

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Where should the leak detectors be positioned? At what concentration levels should the leak detector alert staff and / or the room occupants? How will the leak detectors integrate with your BMS / BAS? Your refrigerant leak detection system needs to be effective, not complicated. Let our team of experts work with you to protect your guests / staff from refrigerant leaks in occupied spaces.

Need more information?

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