Combustion & Emissions Analysis

Verify Combustion Efficiency with the PCA® 400

Bacharach has been pioneering the design and manufacture of combustion analysis instruments in the USA since 1909; we're proud to continue that tradition of excellence with our newest handheld combustion & emissions analyzer, the PCA® 400.

Inspired by Contractors, Designed by Bacharach, Built on Reputation

The PCA® 400 offers everything that you and your technicians need to commission, tune, maintain and certify any commercial or light industrial appliance (furnaces, boilers, engines / gensets, etc.). With custom reporting and a simple user interface, tuning commercial & light industrial equipment has never been so simple.

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What sensor combination do you need? Do you need a sample conditioner? Let our team of experts help you find the right product configuration for your application and direct you to a local distributor.

The Most Advanced Handheld Analyzer Available

Resistive Touch Screen

Resistive Touch Screen with Intuitive Interface

4.3” backlit, color display with resistive touch screen is easily visible in dimly lit areas, and functions regardless of liquid or debris on the screen.
The rugged resistive touch screen offers high resistance to dust / water and will register an input even if you're wearing gloves. Data can be viewed in list (text), tile or trending formats to allow you to easily analyze results. The interface can be further customized to show all the parameters in an order which compliments the application.

PCA® 400 Product Features

See why contractors are saying that the PCA® 400 has industrial features at a commercial price point.

10 Standard Fuels + Optional Custom Fuels

Includes combustion calculations for applications using 10 common fuel types (including: natural gas, diesel, propane, coal, kerosene, bagasse and digester gas) and optional custom fuel calculations.

Large Color Touch Display

4.3" backlit, color display and resistive touch make operation simple and intuitive for contractors in the field.

Enhanced Data Viewing

Allows contractors to see data in text, tile or trending format, making it easier to view important parameters and quickly interpret results.

B-Smart® Pre-calibrated Sensor Technology

Field-replaceable sensors allow contractors to test a variety of applications without the need for calibration gases or costly down-time.

PCA 400 Combustion Analyzer
Industry-leading, 12+ Hour Battery Life

The analyzer can be powered for 12 hours by the included Li-ion battery pack or can be run with 4 × AA batteries or AC power adapter.

Bluetooth® Wireless Communications

Standard Bluetooth® wireless technology enables real-time data streaming to the PCA® Reporting App on compatible mobile devices and the optional printer.

Save 500 Test Results

Stored records can be downloaded to the complimentary PCA® Reporting Software where they can be compiled into custom reports.

Advanced Sensor Technology

The PCA® 400 can be configured with up to 4 gas sensors. Pick from the COLOW or COHIGH sensor, then add NO, NO2, or SO2 as needed. (True NOx is calculated from measured levels of NO and NO2.)

Need more information?

Download the PCA® 400 brochure which features application notes and technical specifications, call 800-736-4666, ×5007 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives or learn about our full range of combustion & emissions analyzers on our website.